The team

A team of craftsmen, masters of tradition and guardians of the estate's memory

Sharing a common passion, the team watches over the domain through the seasons


The team of men and women work all year round at Château Mauvesin Barton, under the benevolent professional eye of Mélanie Barton Sartorius.

The dedicated members of the team proudly perform their specific tasks, each skill indispensable in the smooth running of the estate and the production of a quality wine : some nurture the vines through the seasons, some fashion the wine over the months and others guide visitors around the property. This shared passion makes Château Mauvesin Barton a unique wine, a reflection of its terroir.

In the cellars at Château Mauvesin Barton, Bruno Petit and Marine Darroux gradually shape each vintage, monitoring their evolution to bring them to optimal quality. Bruno has been at Mauvesin for over 25 years and knows the vine plots like the back of his hand. He is the guardian of their memory.

In the vineyard, Patricia, Frank Holzer and Laurent Crouzet take the greatest care of each vine plant at each stage as it grows and develops through the seasons.

The property could not, of course, produce wines without these workers in the field but it could not function either without Christelle Dutouya in the administrative department and Virginie Cohen, in the accountancy and pay department.

Each member of the team is an important piece in the jigsaw. Julien Gayet is our Boy Friday, a jack of all trades : he can be found in the vineyard or the cellar and also helps Mélanie and Lilian with the maintenance and taking care of the horses.

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